Active foot health for an active lifestyle

Active foot health for an active lifestyle

Something that has come to my attention in recent months has been the need for social media, testimonial driven advertising in allied health.

It’s always concerning when testimonials are written and shared on social media for health professionals, as the angle being driven is often not the benefit of the patient.  It is almost always to the benefit of the practitioner.

Emotive language such as “strong feet”, “true form running”, “minimalist running”, “minimalist footwear” “gait retraining” and various other terms have sprung into the medical lexicon.  Everyone is trying to differentiate themselves from their peers with the latest gadget, newest trend, and all claim to have the ONLY answer to your problem.

Complex, difficult concepts and treatments are often broken down into simplistic treatment ideologies that are frequently blinkered and rigid in their approach to health care.

When ideology starts creeping into healthcare, patients are the ones who’s outcomes suffer.

I’m not into ideologies or rigid, singular approaches to care.  By utilizing various different treatment methods, including footwear, orthotics, dry needling, manual therapies, taping, stretching, rehabilitation exercises, and general exercise, all based on fundamental research with proven outcomes, my patients have a consistently better improvement in their symptoms.  The overall effect is to get you rehabilitated and exercising again to maintain not only good foot health, but fantastic overall physical and mental health.

We are more than just our feet, and your treatment should always aim to have this as the ultimate goal.