What is a Bunion?
A bunion is known medically as a “hallux abducto-valgus”. This means that the big toe moves into a position where a bony “lump” can be seen and felt at the big toe joint. These can reduce movement and can cause quite a lot of pain. These can be treated by podiatrists if caught early, particularly in children and young adults.


What are the treatments?

Bunions sometimes occur with arthritis in the 1st MP joint (toe joint) and can sometimes cause significant pain and loss of function.  Orthotics are a simple and effective way to reduce the forces being placed through the joint, therefore reducing pain and preventing any further arthritic change.  However, sometimes bunions are too difficult to treat conservatively, and surgery is sometimes needed.  We have a catalogue of excellent foot and ankle surgeons that we would be happy to recommend if needed.


What is a corn?
This is a build up of hard skin with a clear centre or “nucleus” that can cause pain, usually on weight bearing area. Usual causes include friction, excess pressure, shearing stresses and torsional or “twisting” stresses. These can be easily, and painlessly, removed by podiatrists, and affect people of all ages.


What are the treatments?

Treatment for corns is painless, and simple.  Because corns have no nerve innervation, and no blood supply, they can be removed painlessly by a podiatrist.  Corn pads should be avoided at all times, as these burn the skin on and around the corn, and can cause further damage to sensitive tissues.  If you think you have a corn, consult your podiatrist for assessment and treatment.

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