Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery

Not all in-growing toenails need to be surgically removed.  However, when they do, we are well equipped to perform the procedure.  We guide you through the procedure step-by-step before proceeding, and your questions are not only welcome, but encouraged.


No referral is necessary, and there is no need for a general anaesthetic.  Nail surgery is performed under local anaesthetic, where the offending piece of nail is then removed painlessly.  We use a small amount of a chemical called phenol to prevent the nail growing back.


We allow for 2-3 follow up appointments free of charge to re-dress the toe, and follow up on the procedure.


If you think you may need an in-grown toenail procedure, please call for an appointment today.

MR Podiatry in-grown toenail 

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Orthotic Coverage

Podiatrists are the only profession recognised by ALL private health funds to prescribe orthotics.