Heel Pain

Heel Pain

Many people of many ages experience heel pain. This is commonly at its worst in the morning, after resting, after driving or working, and after sport or activities such as walking.


If you experience pain in the heel first thing in the morning, or after rest, this is commonly referred to as a “heel spur”. However, the actual cause of the pain is not usually the spur itself. The spur comes about as a result of inflammation and over-stretching the of the plantar-fascia muscle, which attaches into the heel. The resulting pain is actually called “plantar fasciitis”, and can often feel like a “bruised heel”.


Many people leave this condition untreated for months or even years. Plantar fasciitis is treatable, and it is easier to treat the earlier it is caught. There is no need for painful injections or surgery. Podiatrists routinely treat this condition successfully with no pain.

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