Diabetes and Your Feet

Diabetes and Your Feet

Many people underestimate the importance of regular foot care and checking in relation to their diabetes.


Even if your feet look and feel healthy, changes can be occurring that we are unaware of. Diabetes is known as an “insidious” disease, in that it quietly damages your feet without you even realising it, even if your diabetes is well controlled.


Such changes can include:


A loss of sensation (peripheral neuropathy)
A reduction in blood supply (peripheral vascular disease)
Cramps in the legs, particularly the calves (Calcification or claudication)
All of this makes people with diabetes more susceptible to problems in their feet such as infections, non-healing wounds, and ulcers.


With regular podiatry check ups and treatments, which can range anywhere from 4-weekly or 6-weekly, to 6 monthly reviews, your chances of developing any serious problems are vastly reduced.

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